Tell Your Story the Write Way

Details Make Stories HumanA well-written article can be a powerful tool to motivate, educate or persuade your audience. But skillful writing requires much more than simply stringing nouns and verbs together in grammatically correct sentences. To truly engage a reader a story must be vivid and dramatic; it should combine a strong, compelling narrative with useful information. Additionally, it’s essential to connect to readers by evoking their senses and emotions. Editors call this “color.”

Beverly Payton specializes in crafting well-written prose, rich with color and detail. She holds an M.A. in journalism, a B.A. in English and has written magazine articles, newspaper features, editorials and more. She understands nuance and pacing and writes with a distinctive voice.

Magazine and Newspaper Writing Samples

Blight in the Bight
Oceans Magazine
(no longer published)
Science Writing
Adobe PDF
Struggling to Answer Call to Serve
Philadelphia Inquirer
Current Issues
Adobe PDF
Back from the Brink
Excerpt | Full Article (28MB)
Emmy Magazine
Entertainment Writing
Adobe PDF
Looking to Learn from Teen Pregnancy
Philadelphia Inquirer
Issues and Trends
Adobe PDF


Skillful Editing is Essential

Editors routinely reject stories and pitches due to careless mistakes in grammar, syntax, spelling or punctuation and for noncompliance with the publication’s stylebook. One reason is because they are insanely busy and don’t have time for extensive copyediting. The other reason is that they suspect the author may have been equally careless in getting his or her facts straight.

Having spent 10 years as a book editor and a newspaper copy editor, Bev is highly skilled in editing for correct English usage as well as adherence to the Associated Press Stylebook, the Chicago Manual of Style and the AMA Manual of Style.  She has edited books, newspaper copy, newsletters, marketing material and Web content. Bev can ensure your copy is perfectly polished and ready for publication.

Work with Our Team or Yours

For large projects, Bev can tap a network of talented writers, foreign language translators, copy editors and proofreaders with unique specialties, or she can work with your in-house team.

Whether you need to tell a gripping feature story, write an informative trade magazine article, add sparkle to a marketing piece, create an online newsletter or need someone to take the wheel of your annual report, Payton Communications can produce readable copy that resonates with your readers.

Our editorial services include:

  • Advertorials
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  • Developmental editing
  • Editorials
  • Ghostwriting
  • Grant writing
  • Magazine articles
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